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Since 1961, the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) has been a leading industry educator in the United States. As the oldest association representing the search, recruiting and staffing industry, NAPS offers the longest and most comprehensive history of professional credentialing in the industry. NAPS continues to maintain the esteemed position as the industry educator through its certification program, continuing education initiatives, monthly Lunch ‘n Learn Webinars, eNewsletters and its annual conference.

To earn and maintain a NAPS certification, you must:

  • Register with NAPS and acquire legal training manuals
  • Engage in personal study
  • Participate in Certification Immersion Class (optional)
  • Adhere to the NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices
  • Participate in 17 hours of continuing education annually
  • Submit annual continuing education log and maintenance fee to NAPS
  • Take certification examination

In cooperation with NAPS, the Ohio Recruiters Association sponsors Certified Immersion Classes for CPC and CTS preparation and testing.  Contact us to inquire or express an interest in joining the next immersion class.

NAPS Certifications

Continuing Education FAQS

How can I meet my CEU requirements?

NAPS has approved many different ways you can obtain CEU credits, including independent study courses, NAPS annual conference, state and regional conferences & seminars, independent trainers and consultants, college courses, professional book/audiotape reviews and in-house training. All of these methods must be approved by NAPS to qualify for the continuing education compliance program.

What are the requirements?

The NAPS continuing education program requires that every year from the date of certification you must meet 17 education hours (often referred to as contact hours) or 1.7 continuing education units (CEUs).

How is a CEU measured?

1 hour of staffing education equals 0.1 CEU; 10 hours of staffing education equals 1 CEU. Therefore each certified professional must have at least 17 hours of continuing education every year.

How do I track my CEUs?

NAPS will provide you with a log sheet to record all CEUs. This is your responsibility. In order to keep your certification intact, you must submit the log sheet each year to NAPS headquarters, along with a $27 administrative fee. DO NOT send any backup materials to prove compliance, such as letters and certificates, unless these are requested by NAPS. When you participate in an approved conference or seminar or seek out training from a NAPS-approved provider, please make sure you receive a letter or form with credit verification.

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